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Welcome to Malibu Chess! I am Bill, the owner of In addition to being a productive business owner, I am also chess master who has been playing tournament chess for decades. Chess is my passion and I study and play chess as often as possible.
I offer chess lessons to children and adults in the Malibu and surrounding areas. I have helped many of my students overcome all obstacles in order to improve their chess abilities. Some of the chess skills my students learn are applied to every day life, such as lessons about thinking ahead, about consequences, about building self-esteem.
I have also built my own chess foundation to help underprivileged children learn critical thinking and life skills through chess.
I hope to help you, as well- I love to share my knowledge and help my students succeed.

Some of my chess accomplishments 

- top unrated at the 1974 Atlantic Chess Open                                    
- Rhode Island State Chess Champion in 1977                                      
- Rhode Island Junior Chess Champion in 1977
- New England Speed Chess Co-Champion
- Chess champion of Arcadia in 1981
- Chess Champion of Pasadena in 1980 and 1981
- Chess Champion of the Hughes Chess Club in 1991
- Chess Champion of the Gym for the Mind Chess Club 1990-1994
- Tied for first place in the Los Angeles Chess County Open in 2002
- Won a lot of chess tournaments Game/30 minutes
Bill Pennucci- Malibu Chess lessons, instructions, tutor
Bill Pennucci- Malibu Chess owner, teacher, chess master
"Bill has been a great influence in my life. He has offered me a lot of chess and life advice. His wisdom is remarkable, and his chess knowledge is tremendous. In addition, Bill is a caring person and puts in only the best effort. Thanks to him, my confidence has increased and my results have improved. Bill is a great teacher not just because of his knowledge, he truly cares about his students' success. He is really passionate about chess and about helping his students and friends improve their chess and critical thinking skills."
D.Durham- Bill's student
To schedule a chess lesson, please contact Bill Pennucci at (310) 457-7803 or e-mail